Monday, November 14, 2011

Marvel Universe

so i just picked up my first marvel universe 3.75 inch figures

i picked up the iron man vs punisher 2-pack

the figures are very nicely detailed and look great next to my gi joes ( thats a blogg for another time)
the only thing i dont like is punisher cant hold his hand gun properly ( im gonna try giving him a gi joe gun to see if that works better)

New 52

after reading most of the new 52 here are the titles i wanna collect monthly instead of downloading them

All Green lantern related titles

Teen Titans


Justice legaue and JLI


Red Hood



Green Arrow

Batman and Robin and detective

Elder Scrolls 5 : SKYRIM

so first off let me start by saying this is by far the prettiest video game ive played yet..

They took the best things from the previous game and made them better and the things that sucked ..( i:e Lockpicking .) made better . for exmaple .they used the lock picking system from fallout 3 witch makes it easier 

they made the eneimes a little bit harder witch is a good thing 
they added things like being able to get married and even included same sex marrages in the game.
all in all i give the game a 10